Listening to the forest: About us

Forest Adventure Centre Ostallgäu – Außerfern e.V.

The tranquillity of the forest is good for the soul, experiences in nature open the senses. With our activity offers, we would like to strengthen the consciousness for the value of the forest and nature. In view of the current situation, this mission seems more important to us than ever before. We want to set impulses that appeal to you, that encourage you and that positively motivate us all to become active for a future worth living.
With our concepts, we would like to cultivate an understanding of nature and the forest and promote future-oriented conduct. In order to do so, we provide children and young people with intensive and lively access to nature as often as possible. Our dedicated team has up-to-date training in forest and nature pedagogy. The supporting association "Walderlebniszentrum Ostallgäu-Außerfern e.V." works closely with the Kaufbeuren Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

Become a member – become active

The association was founded in 2003. New members are always welcome! We already have more than 100 active and supporting members – among them are individuals who want to get involved with nature on site as well as authorities, forest owners and professional representatives.

The supporting association "Walderlebniszentrum Ostallgäu – Außerfern e.V." is largely financed by donations and membership fees. In addition, we are funded by Interreg III (cross-border EU funding programme) and LEADER + (Förderung Zukunftsraum Land, Austria). In addition, we bear the environmental seal

First Chairman: Reinhold Sontheimer
Second Chairman: Harald Husel
Third Chairman: Karl Wechselberger
Managing Director: Carolin Klughammer


Office Team

Pia Lotter, Carolin Klughammer, Emily Pauls

Treetop Trail Team

Heike Heel, Gabi Christa, Helmar Erlewein, Beate Grimm, Reinhard Thurnhofer

Board of the Association

Josef Walch, Helmut Angl, Carolin Klughammer, Karl Wechselberger, Reinhold Sontheimer