An exhibition that touches all the senses

40 to 60 minutes

Listen to the voices of the forest

Examine insects and plant parts under a microscope and try to recognise wood, needles and moss by smell: The newly opened exhibition "Our Forest" is a unique sensory experience. We invite you to explore the forest with lots of fun and imagination.
With great attention to detail, the interactive stations invite you to learn about animal and plant species of the forest, to understand their way of life, to understand the historical importance of wood and rafting for our region and to perceive the forest in a new way.
On a touch screen, you can let your imagination run wild, recognise animal shapes made of wood and roots and trace them with your fingers. You can experience the relaxing effect of forest bathing in a completely new way in our booth that contains forest pictures and mirrors – even if it is raining outside. Test your knowledge of the local forest inhabitants by playing a magnetic memory game.


Next to the exhibition, there is a dedicated room for geology related to the Forest Adventure Centre. Learn more about the types of rocks and recognise the traces of the last ice age on site.

Start into the exhibition

Enter our exhibition building through the main entrance. On your right, you will find our permanent exhibition "My Forest". On the left side, you can access our small exhibition with interchanging exhibitions. Throughout the year, you will find culture and art, combined with playful elements and information about our environment.
The innovative exhibition design consisting of wooden and natural elements, graphics and interactive monitors makes the exhibition a supra-regional magnet for family outings and nature fans of all ages. Knowledge transfer goes hand in hand with fun and sensual experiences here. A visit should definitely be on the agenda of all visitors regardless of their age.
The visit of the exhibition is free of charge and barrier-free.