Forest education

Active in the forest: Our forest station

The tranquillity of the forest is good for the soul, simply "being outdoors" is a valuable antipole to the daily hunt for deadlines. Forget about time, get involved with what is happening at the moment, grasp things with your hands and create something: We want to train you in these skills again. In the lively educational work, nature offers an ideal stage for this and the forest becomes a great treasure chest of possibilities.

Forest experience days and school rallies

Experience a varied day in the woods with us. You are guaranteed to learn something new about the "forest habitat" while having a lot of fun and action. Prepared with games, puzzles and carefully crafted activities and guided tours, we are awaiting you at the Forest Adventure Centre or we can come to your destination within the region.

We cover a wide range of topics and activities, e. g. a forest trail, the Swan Lake Rally or a programme on the forest ecosystem. After consultation, we can gladly offer you a morning-filling programme on a topic of your choice and make concrete suggestions.

We offer forest education for schools (all grades) and kindergarten. As we are very well booked, please contact us in good time at +49 (0)8341 9002-2133 or via e-mail to

Out and about with the forest ranger

The forest ranger takes care of the entire forest and keeps it in balance. This allows him to determine the wood for use, support biodiversity and maintain important habitats for plants and animals. To accomplish all this, the forest ranger must know a lot about trees, but also about the forest as a system, its character and its inhabitants – from ants to bark beetles, from drought, avalanches and landslides, changes in climate, seasons and species protection, from wildlife and their behaviour.

If you want to experience a day with the forest ranger in the forest, share in his knowledge or even start a tree planting action with your school class, you've come to the right place. We will put you in touch with a forest ranger who will guide your mission.

Please note: Sometimes it gets messy, so please bring work gloves and sturdy clothes.

Forest tours and project days

If you go for a walk alone, you often don’t see the forest for the trees. During a personal guided tour through the forest, we can convey to you in a much more direct, informative and profound way what is important, which regional peculiarities we almost overlooked and how incredible the self-evident is sometimes when you look at it closely. We guarantee you’ll have aha moments, lots of fun, physical action and you’ll receive creative suggestions to experience the forest in a new way.

You are planning an unforgettable experience in the forest with a group? You are children, adults, a team, friends, living in the area or just passing through, an expert in the field or just curious? We have many suitable programmes and methods such as the forest as an ecosystem, natural cycles, functions and uses of the forest, wood as a raw material, sustainability, team building, practical as well as pre-scientific seminars for senior pupils – and we will happily try to accommodate individual requests. We will gladly provide you with concrete offer upon request.


Fabian Sporer, Nicola Lechner, Petra Angerer

Advanced training for pedagogical staff

Environmental education and education for sustainable development (ESD) is becoming an increasingly important topic in educational institutions. Management staff, educators, teachers and pedagogical assistants can get fit for the future with us.

In the form of professional development, you can learn modern methods specific to your field. We provide you with ideas and tools for working in nature in a pedagogical sense. The common exchange in the group is also found to be particularly motivating and valuable.

Our forest educators impart knowledge in a target group-oriented, up-to-date and professionally balanced manner. They create awareness for forest and forestry issues and are oriented to the living environment of the individual. Forest education also imparts important skills. Forest management serves as a sustainability model that includes and balances all three dimensions of sustainability (economic, ecological and socio-cultural). The design competence of the participants is to be promoted through the creation of learning situations.

About the forest education team

Our team has excellent training in forest and experiential education and many years of experience in nature, environmental education and forestry under their belt. We are passionate about working outside with children and groups of all ages. We want to give children a sense of achievement and adventure that they don't experience in everyday life. In doing so, we don't just feel like mediators of knowledge and we like to make do without a moralising undertone. Our aim is to strengthen the emotional connection to nature through experiences and to actively develop action skills with the group – so that together we can preserve and create a world worth living in.