Nature experience à la carte: children's birthdays

We turn your birthday party into a nature experience

Movement, play and creativity in the fresh air are our basic ingredients. Depending on the age and interests of the group, we design the birthday party programme. Therefore, we ask you to make an appointment in good time, stating your wishes.
With our concepts, we would like to cultivate the understanding of nature and the forest and promote future-oriented conduct. In order to do so, we provide children and young people with intensive and lively access to nature as often as possible. Our dedicated team has up-to-date training in forest and nature pedagogy. The supporting association "Walderlebniszentrum Ostallgäu-Außerfern e.V." works closely with the Kaufbeuren Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

General information

Groups: 6 to 14 years of age, max. 12 children including the birthday boy or girl
Time: Monday to Friday, beginning at 2:30 PM at the latest, duration of 3 hours
Bring your own food and drinks.
The programme is designed and executed by us, the presence of a parent or guardian is mandatory.

Price: EUR 15.00 per child

Possible activities

Treasure hunt: We roam through the woods, solve difficult riddles related to nature as a team, overcome various obstacles and find the treasure together. The treasure has to be brought by yourself, so we ask for prior consultation.
Survival/capture the flag – adventure playground forest: Enter the world of the forest with us, transform into wild animals and get to know the everyday life of a deer, fox and other animals in a playful way. Practice camouflage and sneaking up on them with us. You will find out for yourselves what else is important for successful survival in the forest.
Dream journey through the woods: "Take time to dream". We will enter the realm of dreams and together we will build dream catchers to take home afterwards according to our own ideas. Each dreamcatcher is unique and beautiful and will accompany you during your dream nights.